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Words are extremely powerful ...

From what you hear, to what you say. The most powerful words may be the ones you don’t hear. They are deep within your mind, telling you whether you can or you can’t. If we look a little deeper, think about how words can create your reality. From birth, we were conditioned to ask for basic necessities. We needed to be changed, so we moaned. We needed to be fed, so we moaned. As we got a little older, the words ``mom” or “dad” became the most important sounds we could make. This only happened because of the environment our parents created for us. That was what most (not all) young kids went through.

So, what environment are you creating for yourself? What words are you learning? What words are you listening to? Depending on your age, this will relate to you differently. So, let’s keep it simple. If you’re playing in an intramural or recreational team, you’re going to receive certain information. If you’re playing in a Regional or National level league, the information will be completely different. The environment is different therefore, the language and words you are going to use are different. That’s how our environment shapes us. The better environment we put ourselves in, the more broad and powerful your vocabulary becomes.

That’s why it’s important to be responsible for putting yourself in situations where you consume healthy, strong, positive information whenever you can. Hang out with people who have the same goals as you. Read books that nurture your mind and challenge your thinking. Listen to songs and music that makes you feel good. Learn powerful words. Greatness in, greatness out. Let those words guide you as you navigate a difficult game or session. Here’s an important factor, if you only do it and practice saying those words when you need them, it won’t work. Like everything else, practice makes perfect. Practice saying things to yourself that make you want to be positive, or get you to finish that project. By the time you need them during the most important moments of the game, you’ll have just the right thing to say to yourself. In the words of Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.”

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