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Leadership Structure and Development

  • Start by defining your club’s mission, vision, and values. What is the club’s ultimate goal, and what principles guide its actions?

  • Define your leadership team responsible for overseeing the club’s operations, including the roles and responsibilities of each member.

  • Detail the coaching staff structure, including head coaches, assistant coaches, and any specialized coaches (e.g., goalkeeper coaches).

  • Discuss their qualifications, coaching licenses, and experience.

  • Create a plan for their ongoing education and development, including coaching licenses, workshops, and seminars.

Parent Education


  • Discuss the role of parents within the club and their responsibilities, such as supporting player development, attending meetings, and volunteering.

  • Highlight programs or initiatives aimed at developing leadership skills among young players, such as captaincy roles or mentorship programs.

  • Describe how the club engages with the local community, including outreach programs, community service, and partnerships with schools or other organizations.

  • Create a plan on how the club collects feedback from players and parents and how this input is used to make improvements.

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Club Policy Manuals and Risk Management


  • Create clear and concise Club policies that help guide your day-to-day operations.

  • Create Player, Parent/ Spectator, Coach and Staff Codes of conduct.

  • SafeSport Training: Implement SafeSport training for coaches, staff, and volunteers to address issues of abuse, harassment, and misconduct.

Try-out and Player Registration


  • Organize your try-outs from start to finish.

  • Maximize your field space and staff.

  • Create an SOP for GotSport and other Player and Tournament registration services.

  • Define the specific criteria that coaches and evaluators will use to assess players. This may include skills like dribbling, passing, shooting, as well as fitness and attitude.

  • Organize club/team meetings with players and parents to discuss expectations, schedules, and team goals (before and after tryouts).

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